A Dozen Things About Me:

I started reading when I was three. Tarzan and Mad Magazine. I blame my brother.

As a toddler, I lived in a car for a year and a half in Oregon, playing amongst trees, creeks and ferns while my guardians hid from thugs employed by bookies to collect or kill for debts accrued at the race tracks in the San Francisco Bay area. Yikes.

I’m curious about almost everything and this has let me experience a life of variety. Things like cartwheeling down the beach of the Red Sea at midnight under a quilt of brilliant stars—until a herd of wild camels invaded our camp.

I posed on the peek of a roof, a silhouette against the full moon for a portrait.

I taught Modern Hebrew to kindergarteners, fifth graders and adults.

Taking hundreds of hours of Salsa dancing lessons was a huge bit of fun.

I danced in the streets of Tel Aviv with complete strangers.

I owned a salon and traveled to London and Glasgow for lessons.

An Aston Martin convertible is one of my favorite cars.

I love watching people eat food I’ve prepared for them; seeing the All Blacks Rugby team perform the Haka and Formula 1 racing.

My imagination saved my life, made me beautiful and let me meet the most interesting and boring people in reality, books and films.

I always wanted to write and now I can.